Bali Host the G20 Summit, Here are 5 Beautiful Tourist Areas apart from Kuta and Ubud, BALI — Bali will host the peak event of the G20 Summit which will take place on 15-16 November 2022. The G20 Summit itself will be attended by a number of world leaders.

G20 invited guests have arrived in Bali. As many as 18-20 country representatives are expected to attend the G20 Summit.�

Bali was chosen as the location for the G20 Summit because it has met MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition) standards.�

The Island of the Gods is considered to have met the Event Service Standards from the G20 National Committee and all the criteria and indicators as a destination for organizing activities in accordance with Minister of Tourism Regulation Number 5 of 2017.�

Bali is a tourist destination that is well known throughout the world.�

Bali has amazing natural beauty coupled with prominent local culture so that it becomes a magnet for tourists.�

Kuta and Ubud are the areas most visited by tourists who come to Bali.

However, in fact a beautiful and exciting area to visit in Bali is not only Kuta and Ubud.�

Here are some areas in Bali that are worth visiting besides Kuta and Ubud.�

1. Nusa Penida Island

The island of Nusa Penida is known for its seaweed cultivation and the Bali Starling Bird Sanctuary, which is endangered.

The white sand is spread wide on the island of Nusa Penida, here, tourists can relax and play on the beach.

2. Ungasan Beach

Tourists who like a private atmosphere can visit Ungasan Beach to spend the holidays.

The panorama on Ungasan Beach is very beautiful, plus views of the coastal cliffs.

You can sunbathe and enjoy fresh drinks on this beach.

3. Nusa Lembongan Island

Even though it is small, Nusa Lembongan Island will make you feel at home on vacation there, especially for tourists who like to surf.

The beach atmosphere is not too crowded.

The view of the sunset on this beach is the most awaited. The location is in the southeast of the island of Bali.

4. Geger Beach

When you arrive at Geger Beach, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the turquoise color of the sea water.

This beach is also not too crowded by tourists.

The beautiful landscape will make you always want to take pictures with the background of the sea view.

Swimming here is also relatively safe.

5. Amed Beach

Amed Beach is considered a hidden paradise in Bali, because not many tourists have visited this place.

The beach has black volcanic sand which adds to the exotic impression.

From Amed Beach, you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of Mount Agung.

In addition to snorkeling and diving, you can visit the traditional salt-making process around the beach.

Amed Beach is located 78 km from Denpasar City.